Nestar Technology

Cartridge Assembly Machine

• C/T: 5s • Operator:1
• CPK > 2 • Uptime: 98.5%

Cartridge Assembly Machine is a mega project consist of 8 stations. The machine uses 5 ABB robots, 1.8m round table and 8-indexing nests to meet the needs of cycle time--5 seconds. 

This machine provides a systemic and precise vision error-proofing system for the precise assembly process. The accuracy of vision system is 0.01mm and different kinds of light source system is employeed for different feathers and surface status of product.

The cellular design of machine make it possible to be integrated into a huge manufacturing machine groups and product trays could be autoamatically transferred between stations.

Machine Process:

 Automatic Material Feeding (Spring/ Pintle/ Housing/..)

 Automatic Product Audit

 Stop Ring Assembly

 Precise Pressfit with 6 Window Froce/ Stroke Monitoring

 Multiple Robots Cooperation (5 ABB Robots)

 Precise Indexing (OD 1.8M Round Table / 8 Nests)