Nestar Technology
Nestar Automated Platform System

With several years experience, Nestar has developed its own architecture based on the idea of component and mobilization and successfully implemented it in the automation platform system of machining center. Based on hardware standardization, it has realized the process control and convergence of software standardization, data collection and storage, data mining and analysis, data sharing and so on. The realization of modular development and management provides convenience for later maintenance and function expansion.

The automation platform is not only validated in the automotive industry, but also widely used in consumer electronics industries. With the accumulation and upgrading of technology, data mining and analysis of large data are realized, and new technologies such as cloud computing and Internet of Things module are applied to our platform to realize the overall layout of intelligent factory.

System Architecture:

Our system focuses on industrial automation and factory internationalization, supports data interaction with various PLCs, controllers, robots and so on. It achieves seamless docking with factory information system.

System Features

Flexible process editor

According to the process requirement of equipment, the editor can edit the processes both online and offline. The processes can be configured with visualized e-WI. Simplified SW design avoid the operators from complicated source code modification. Each step can be correctly figured by graphical subprograms. This function is in the lead in the industry.

Visual processing function

The system integrates the functions of industrial cameras, processes various visual tasks, and realizes the intelligence and automation of factories.

Real time quality control

For different products, the system adjusts the technical and process parameters through the vision or different sensors. We have a variety of auto calibration devices to trigger the verification process to ensure the accuracy of the parameters by setting different rules.

Real time data collection

In order to monitor the status of the equipment and analyze the performance of the production in real time, the system will collect various parameters such as temperature, pressure, torque value, angle, product mechanical parameters, etc.  through TCP/IP protocol or serial communication based on the board card , PLC and the hardware on the device. We can view real-time data and historical data of current production at any time for tractability.

Real time data analysis

We analyze the data from real time database. The results are presented to users and managers through visual graphics. All related demand reports are automatically generated according to customer needs, which can be pushed to the mailbox, thus changing the traditional way of statistic and sending of clerks in production management.

High Performance tractability

The whole process of equipment production can be traced back. Through the data recording of workstation processes and processes, the  production  information  of  any  equipment  and  products  can be presented panoramically, including the time of beat, process data and so on. It then realize the information management of products.


Maintenance realizes the sustainable operation of equipment. By setting maintenance time and monitoring the service life of components, the system can notify users in advance to maintain the equipment.

Share data with MES,SAP,FIS

The data collected from various devices can be shared to different departments through MES, SAP and FIS according to actual needs. By sharing this data, we can not only trace the entire production process from the initial order to the completion of the product, but also redevelop the subsequent system. Most importantly, the upper system can analyze and compare the real-time data and historical data Shared so as to monitor and prevent errors throughout the production  process.