Nestar Technology

NSR-1000 Conformal Coating Machine

- Robotic system accuracy of 0.025mm

- Close loop process control

- Multiple dispensing solutions

- PC based programming environment

- Various platform options

The NSR-1000  has many options and integrated features including:

● Robotic system repeatability of 25 microns

● Closed loop control throughout gantry system

● Multiple dispensing applications in one cell

● Onboard PC for unlimited program storage

Standard Features

● RouteEditor Windows-based software

● ProcessMonitior PC-base software

● Onboard PC with flat screen monitor

● Remote teach pendant with trackball

● Closed-loop low level notification

Optional Features

● Dual head tooling

● Closed-loop flow monitoring

● Inline material metering

● Bar code program selection

● Low level fluid sensor

● Programming camera

● Dispense zone weigh scale

● Conveyor auto width adjust